Miracles are meant to give glory to God or to act as sign to the church and unbelievers...

Church growth is becoming one of the cutting edge of studies in these end times. Many Christians, who are committed to the fulfillment of the Great Commission are showing tremendous interest in the growth of their churches. Many previous non-Pentecostal and spiritual churches are changing to full gospel and Pentecostal churches. God is working mightily in these end times. However, many pastors and ministers who have shown keen interest in church growth are yet to see the much desired growth in their respective churches. They are confused and at a loss on how to lead their church to growth. They moan and lament the conditions of their churches. And this is largely so because of the following points that I am going to enumerate.

Ungodly emotions are one of the most difficult things to deal with and sometimes difficult to even notice since they are so personal and can easily blend into your character. The enemy often uses certain emotions to cause us to be self-destructive and self-limiting without him having to do much!

Resisting the enemy in the last days!!! The spirit of accusations coupled with condemnation is a trademark of the enemy. During His time of ministry Jesus was often confronted with a lot of accusations even after performing visible miracles or casting out demons from people who were oppressed for years. Accusations are meant to distract you from what God is doing in your life and from the greater blessings and victories He has in store for you

Our righteousness in Christ has to be a product of our faith in Him and His finished works, rather a product of our own works. Our failure to recognize and receive His righteousness as a gift can become a hindrance to a life of victory and success. Religion places demands on us to find ways of impressing God or pleasing him with the sacrifices of our actions. The challenge with this is that we always fall short before God, that’s why it had to be Jesus doing it on our behalf. He fulfilled the requirements or demands of the Law.

Often believers speak about the need to “grow in the Lord” or to ‘grow spiritually’ sometimes without much clarity on what it means or entails. God’s grace which came through our Lord Jesus (John 1:17) has the potential to teach us how to live righteously, without condemning us when we fail to meet the demands of the law. Paul took time to demonstrate through his letters the weakness of the law in trying to lead us to victorious living as opposed to simply being led by the Spirit and following His witness within our own spirit (Romans 8).

Based on scriptures from the Amplified Bible, Classic Edition, for every day to help get you started:

THIS is how I guarantee VICTORY daily 🙏 - Say the prayer below out loud. If you are going through a tough situation but you know God’s got it, respond with “I have victory!”

There is always a reason not to do good and Satan is always launching attack on your will and desire to do good works. God has specifically created us for “good works” in Christ Jesus (Eph 2:10).

“When your spiritual HEART CONDITION is good, God’s will for your life is unquestionable!”

Your guide to activating God's healing GRACE My HEALING is NOW!

Believers are called upon in the last days to focus on the things that really matter for their life and calling in Christ. We must remember that everything else changes and has an ending. By focusing on the one who has called us, Jesus Christ the Author and Finisher of our Faith, we will always be at our best in everything we endeavor to achieve in this life! The devil and his demons uses many distraction to keep us off track or to get us to drift away from our destiny of faith! He uses many things that weigh heavily on us everyday to discourage us from setting our hopes on the good things the Father has prepare for us.