20 May

The ‘ruler of this world’s system’ Satan, is in the full time business of ensuring that your life only fits to what he prescribes, rather than fulfill the perfect and unlimited will of God of growth and prosperity. He has probably been doing this successfully for generations in your family. You are now ordained as an heir of the Kingdom to stop His reign of terror and bondage. Never allow the enemy to fit you into his mould of limitations, it’s time for you to break free from that mould into God’s unlimited opportunities of grace! 

Daniel 11:32b: but the people who know their God shall be strong, and carry out great exploits.

It is not enough to dream big, see big or talk big. We can do this for our entire lives without becoming any bigger. It is your willingness to sow seeds of greatness that will ultimately make a difference. Everything in the kingdom, even our own natural world is based on the law of sowing and reaping. This is not only about giving money and expecting more to come, it’s much more than that. This is God’s system of supernatural increase beyond what anyonecan do with all their strength and might. Your strength and efforts will only allow you to do what is humanly possible. However His Grace is able to do exceedingly abundantly above all you can ever dream of. It’s either your way or His way! Most believers are still caught up in personal struggles of how to find success, whilst at the same time avoiding God’s prescribed and guaranteed ways of success. 

Always remember this important Kingdom Law:

Everyone of us enters into the Kingdom by having to die first and being born again. Your born again experience was also made possible because God gave is only begotten son. This great experience of salvation introduces you to a completely new life of Victory and Success in Christ Jesus. The Christian life is a life of continued unlimited growth, fruitfulness and positive influence on many others. 

Any life that lacks growth and impact is not reflective of God’s will and purpose. This is why Jesus said in John 15:2, “Every branch in Me that does not bear fruit He takes away; and every branch that bears fruit He prunes, that it may bear more fruit.” Allow yourself to become a ‘seed sower’ in all that you do. Sow seeds of kindness, joy, giving, service to others, sharing the Gospel and discipling others, servanthood, humility, partnership, friendship, charity etc. Just take a moment to read what Jesus Himself said about how the Kingdom works:

Mark 4:30-32 (NKJV Strong's)

30 Then He said, “To what shall we liken the kingdom of God? Or with what parable shall we picture it? 31 It is like a mustard seed which, when it is sown on the ground, is smaller than all the seeds on earth; 32 but when it is sown, it grows up and becomes greater than all herbs, and shoots out large branches, so that the birds of the air may nest under its shade.”

Job 8:7 (NKJV Strong's)

7 Though your beginning was small,

Yet your latter end would increase abundantly.

God is able to MIGHTILY USE, just a ‘stick’ in your hands!

Exodus 4:20 (NKJV Strong's)

20 Then Moses took his wife and his sons and set them on a donkey, and he returned to the land of Egypt. And Moses took the rod of God in his hand.

When did that ordinary shepherd’s rod become the rod of God? This extraordinary change only happened when God started to use it for His own purpose. A purpose which Moses was battling to understand how he was every going to achieve.

Exodus 4:2-3 (NKJV Strong's)

2 So the Lord said to him, “What is that in your hand?”

He said, “A rod.”

3 And He said, “Cast it on the ground.” So he cast it on the ground, and it

became a serpent; and Moses fled from it.

Never underestimate what God is able to do with your life! Only if you can learn to trust Him with your life and with all that you have. What you already have is enough for God to do the impossible.

Jesus is able to SIGNIFICANTLY MULTIPLY, just the little that you Have

John 6:5-11 (NKJV Strong's)

5 Then Jesus lifted up His eyes, and seeing a great multitude coming toward Him, He said to Philip, “Where shall we buy bread, that these may eat?” 6 But this He said to test him, for He Himself knew what He would do.

7 Philip answered Him, “Two hundred denarii worth of bread is not sufficient for them, that every one of them may have a little.”

8 One of His disciples, Andrew, Simon Peter's brother, said to Him, 9 “There is a lad here who has five barley loaves and two small fish, but what are they among so many?”

10 Then Jesus said, “Make the people sit down.” Now there was much grass in the place. So the men sat down, in number about five thousand. 11 And Jesus took the loaves, and when He had given thanks He distributed them to the disciples, and the disciples to those sitting down; and likewise of the fish, as much as they wanted.

The question, Where shall we buy bread, that these may eat”, was meant to draw Phillip’s attention to the Divine provision that was available, instead it led him to think of the human difficulty and limitations.

If you look at what you need in light of what you have, you will think what you need is impossible!

If you look at what you have in light of what you need, you will think that what you have is a non-starter! 

1 Kings 17:12-14 (NLT)

12 But she said, “I swear by the Lord your God that I don’t have a single piece of bread in the house. And I have only a handful of flour left in the jar and a little cooking oil in the bottom of the jug. I was just gathering a few sticks to cook this last meal, and then my son and I will die.”

13 But Elijah said to her, “Don’t be afraid! Go ahead and do just what you’ve said, but make a little bread for me first. Then use what’s left to prepare a meal for yourself and your son. 14 For this is what the Lord, the God of Israel, says: There will always be flour and olive oil left in your containers until the time when the Lord sends rain and the crops grow again!”

This story alone is enough to remind you that it’s never God’s intention to take away from you, but His intentions are to save you, give more to you by delivering the miraculous straight to your home address!


Jesus Christ The SEED OF ALL SEEDS

Romans 8:32 (NKJV Strong's)

32 He who did not spare His own Son, but delivered Him up for us all, how shall He not with Him also freely give us all things?

John 12:24-25 (NKJV Strong's)

24 Most assuredly, I say to you, unless a grain of wheat falls into the ground and dies, it remains alone; but if it dies, it produces much grain. 25 He who loves his life will lose it, and he who hates his life in this world will keep it for eternal life.

The Born again Experience is a Seed Sowing of Your Own Life

Dying to yourself allows you to multiply yourself in others

John 3:3 (NKJV Strong's)

3 Jesus answered and said to him, “Most assuredly, I say to you, unless one is born again, he cannot see the kingdom of God.”


Luke 6:38 (NKJV Strong's)

38 Give, and it will be given to you: good measure, pressed down, shaken together, and running over will be put into your bosom. For with the same measure that you use, it will be measured back to you.”


Kindness & Compassion

Kind deeds are a simple and readily available resource that any of us has, but many don’t put to work!

Ephesians 4:32 (NKJV Strong's)

32 And be kind to one another, tenderhearted, forgiving one another, even as God in Christ forgave you.

Acts 9:36 (NLT)

36 There was a believer in Joppa named Tabitha (which in Greek is Dorcas). She was always doing kind things for others and helping the poor.

Dorcas was raised from the dead because those ladies who benefited from her kind deeds would not easily give up on her. They had the courage of pleading with Peter who was in town, to do something about the situation after she was confirmed dead. Your kind deeds will never let you go unnoticed and unrewarded.


Always see a partnership with others as an opportunity to sow yourself for the benefit of others by being willing to give without looking back. You always have a part that only you can play in any relationship with others. If you don’t give yourself, you not only deny others but you limit yourself of great opportunities in life.

Ephesians 4:16 (NLT)

16 He makes the whole body fit together perfectly. As each part does its own special work, it helps the other parts grow, so that the whole body is healthy and growing and full of love.

Always ask yourself the following questions:

1. Why did I become a ....? (e.g, member of this church, or leader)

2. What do I stand for?

3. What are the gifts or

expertise I bring?

4. What do I want my legacy

to be?

5. What can I do to keep track

of my contribution to others?


Be sure to always saw seeds of commitment from the heart in all that you do. Avoid doing doing things only out of selfish reasons that must benefit you. Selflessness is a seed for God’s unlimited grace in your areas of weakness and lack.

Colossians 3:23 (NKJV Strong's)

23 And whatever you do, do it heartily, as to the Lord and not to men,

Colossians 3:23 (NLT)

23 Work willingly at whatever you do, as though you were working for the Lord rather than for people.

Galatians 6:9-10 (NKJV Strong's)

9 And let us not grow weary while doing good, for in due season we shall reap if we do not lose heart. 10 Therefore, as we have opportunity, let us do good to all, especially to those who are of the household of faith.

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