What to Do when You Can’t Even Talk to God

08 Jan

It happens at times. Life gets so hard, and your faith is so stretched that it seems almost impossible even to talk to God. Sometimes you’re just plain angry at God; you know you need to pray, but you just don’t feel like it. Here are some suggestions if you truly want to be prayerfully obedient in those tough times 

1. Simply tell God what you’re feeling. He’s big enough and strong enough to handle your questions and your frustrations. He knows you’re angry—and He also knows that telling Him about it has a way of weakening those feelings.

2. Let the psalmist pray for you. Find words in the book of Psalms that come close to your feeling – and pray the Word back to God. You don’t have to “muster up” a prayer; you just pray the words of the psalmist, who himself often wrestles with God’s purpose and presence.

3. Ask somebody else to pray for you. Find a trusted Christian brother or sister, and ask that friend to intercede for you. Just listen as you hear the prayers, and let the Holy Spirit work on you.

4. Write a prayer. It takes longer than other methods, but writing a prayer can actually calm our hearts and share our burden with God. Don’t give up on this strategy until you try it.

5. Just be quiet and meditate on God’s goodness. Prayer is two-sided, which means we must be quiet and listen to God at times. Sometimes, prayer should be more listening to Him rather than our carrying the whole conversation. Sitting quietly with Him when you’re frustrated with Him can be life-changing.

6. Take responsibility and confess your heart. Regardless of what you face, you make the choice not to pray. If you want to start praying more, confess your lack of prayer in the past – and ask Him to help you accountable for prayer in 2019.

7. Focus on reading the Word. Get this part of your spiritual walk right, and it’s often the case that other responses will follow. Let the Word drill down into your heart, and then respond to God appropriately as you read. Prayer sometimes erupts among people who talk to God regularly.

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